新闻英语词汇――新词新译 K

新闻英语词汇――新词新译 K

卡丁车 kart

开标 bid opening

开采权 mining right

开除公职 discharge somebody from public employment; take the name off the book; be discharged from office

凯恩斯政策 Keynesian policy

开发公司 development company

开发式扶贫 poverty reduction through development projects; development-oriented poverty relief

开发新产品 develop new product

开发性承包 development contract

开发一代,储存一代,预研一代 (产品) to develop this generation of products while researching on the next generation of products

开放边境 open the border

开放带动战略 strategy spearheaded by opening-up

开放地区的辐射和带动作用 radiating and exemplary role of the open areas; spin-off effect and demonstration role of the open areas

开放搞活 open up and enliven the economy

开放式基金 open-ended fund

开放型经济 open economy

开放政策 open policy

开杆 begin a billiard game

开工不足 enterprises running under their production capacity

开红灯 give a stop light to

开工典礼 commencement ceremony

开工率 rate of operation;rate of opening capacity

开光 consecration

开后门 under-the-counter deals; offer advantages to one’s friends or relatives by underhand means

开户头 open an account

开价 propose a price; offer a price

开架销售 self service( in a store)

开镜礼 pre-shooting ceremony (for film, TV series, etc.)

开卷 open-book

开锣 begin a project

开门红 good start

开涮 make somebody the laughingstock; make a fool of somebody

开题报告 opening speech; opening report

开拓型 pioneering

开小灶 give special favor

开夜车 burn the midnight oil; work over night

开源节流 increase income and reduce expenditure

开足马力 put into high gear; go full steam ahead

开创具有中国特色的社会主义建设新局面 create a new situation in building socialism with Chinese characteristics

开盘价 opening price

开通电话 put telephone lines into operation

开拓前进 open up new ways forward

侃大山 shoot the breeze; chew the fat

看跌/看涨期权 put / call option

坎儿井 karez

侃价 bargain

看守政府,看守内阁,过渡政府 caretaker cabinet

侃爷 北京人嘴贫善侃,故有“侃爷”之称。 Beijingers are very good at talking and have been the nicknamed “big talkers.”

看病难、看病贵,上学难、上学贵 the difficulty and high cost of getting medical treatment and receiving an education

抗大梁 take up the main task

抗风险能力 risk resistance capacity

康复工程 rehabilitation project

康复中心 recuperation center; recovery center; rehabilitation center

抗击非典斗争 anti-SARS campaign

康居工程 comfortable housing project

抗美援朝战争 War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

抗日战争 War of Resistance Against Japan

抗议照会 note of protest

抗震棚 quake-proof shelter

靠边站 be dismissed; be deprived of authority

考核标准 criteria of assessment

考勤 check on work attendance

考勤制度 work attendance checking system

靠山 backer patron

考研 take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools

考研热 the craze for graduate school

烤烟型卷烟 Virginian-type cigarette

靠扩大财政赤字搞建设 increase the deficit to spend more on development

科班 Peking opera school of the old type; professional training class

可比价格 comparable prices

可比经济指标 comparable economic targets

可采储量 recoverable reserves

可持续发展 sustainable development

可持续发展战略 strategy of sustainable development

客队 visiting team

科幻小说 science-fiction novel

科技奥运 Hi-tech Olympics

科技成果转化为生产力 transfer of scientific and technological achievements

科技成果转化 the commercialization of research findings

科技成果市场化、产业化 commercialize scientific and technological results; to gear sicentific and technological achievements to the market and production

科技扶贫 support poor areas using technology

科技攻关 tackle hard-nut problems in science and technology; tackle hard-nut problems on the strength of science and technology

科技含量 technological content

科技强军、依法治军 strengthen the army by relying on science and technology, and run the armed forces by law

科技是第一生产力 Science and technology constitute a primary productive force.

课件(教师多媒体教学演示片) courseware

课间操 exercise between classes

可见度 visibility

科教片 science education film

科教兴国 rejuvenate our country through secience and education

克扣 dock wages

客流量 volume of commuters; passenger volume

刻录机 CD writer; disc-carving machine

科普 dissemination of science

科普活动 activity to popularize scientific knowledge

可视电传 visual fax

可视电话 videotelephone

(补贴协议)可诉补贴 actionable subsidy

可塑炸弹 plastique

磕头 kowtow

客席指挥 guest conductor

可星 strong opponent; powerful remedy

可行性研究 feasibility study

科研攻关 work towards key technological breakthroughs

可用收入 disposable income

客运 passenger transport

可再生资源 regenerative resources

可转换债券 convertible bond

客座教授 guest professor

科教兴国战略 strategy of invigorating the country through science, technology and education

克隆人 human cloning

恳谈 have a frank discussion

坑口电站 pit-mouth power plant

恪守职业道德 observe professional ethics

控制新增产能 control expansion of production capacity

恐怖大亨 terrorist mastermind

恐怖分子 terrorist

恐怖片 horror film

恐怖事件 terrorist incident

控股公司 holding company, controlling company

空间病 space sickness; space syndrome

空间垃圾 space junk

空间站 space station

空降部队 paratroops

空难 air crash

空气污染 air pollution

空气污染物 air pollutants

空气浴 air bath-a method of health protection by exposing the body to fresh air

空勤 air duty

空嫂 married airline stewardess

空头市场 bear market

空头司令 leading cadre estranged from the people

空头政治 phony politics

空头支票 1. unconvertible cheque; blank check 2. empty promise; unfulfilled promise

控制人口数量 control the population size

空中巴士客车、空中客车 Airbus plane

空中教育 education through broadcast media

空中楼阁 castle in the air; daydream; ivory tower

空中小姐 air hostess; air stewardess

空中走廊 air corridor; air lane

空降师 airborne division

空中交通管理 air traffic control

空中信号灯 sky beamer

扣帽子 put a label on

口蹄疫 foot-and-mouth disease

口头禅 pet phrase

酷毙 extremely cool; the coolest

苦果 bitter fruit――something unpleasant as a result of some action

哭穷 complain about impoverishment;pretend to be poor

枯水季节 dry season

跨国公司 transnational corporation

跨境婚姻 cross-country marriage; marriage of a native with a foreigner

跨境交付(服务贸易) cross border supply

跨领域问题 cross-border issue

跨世纪 cross-century; trans-century

跨世纪的一代 a generation of people who span the two centuries

跨世纪工程 a trans-century project

跨世纪绿色工程规划  trans-century green engineering program

跨业公司 conglomerate company

扩大直接融资 expand the scope of direct financing

跨国恐怖组织 transnational terrorist groups

快餐 fast food; MRE (meals ready to eat)

快递 express delivery

会计电算化 accounting computerization

快镜头 quick motion

快速反应部队 rapid response force

快速立法 fast track

快速通道 fast track

快速消费品 fast-moving consumer goods

快讯 news flash; flash

快译通 electronic dictionary

快车线路 express line

宽带(ADSL技术即非对称数字用户环路技术) ADSL(Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line)

宽带接入 broadband access

宽带接入网 broadband access network

宽带网 broadband networks

宽限期 grace period

矿井瓦斯 mine gas

匡算 rough estimate

矿物肥料 mineral fertilizer

矿源 mineral resources

跨越式发展 great-leap-forward development

亏本生意 losing proposition

亏损 loss; deficit

亏损包干 loss contract system

亏损企业 enterprises running in the red/under deficit

困难职工 the needy worker

扩大公民有序的政治参与 Expand citizens’ participation in political affairs in an orderly way

扩大内需 expand domestic demand

扩大内需,刺激消费 expand domestic demand and consumption

扩大企业自主权 expand enterprise autonomy; delegate more decision-making power to an enterprise

扩大消费需求 expand the consumer demand

扩大中等收入者比重 Raise the proportion of the middle-income group

扩建工程 extension project

扩军备战 arms expansion and war preparation

扩容 market expansion

扩张主义 expansionism

扩招 increase enrollment

扩大国内需求 expand domestic demand

扩大贫富差距 widen the gap between the rich and the poor

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