新闻英语词汇――新词新译 Q

起跑线 starting line( for a race)

起博器 artificial or electronic heart pacemaker

汽车金融公司 auto financing company

汽车俱乐部 automobile club

汽车拉力赛 car rally

汽车旅馆 motel

汽车排放标准 automobile emissions standards

期初存货 opening stock

启动基金 initial funding

启发式教学 heuristic education

期房 forward delivery housing

“妻管严” hen-pecked

器官移植 organ transplant

欺行霸市 dominate the market

欺行霸市价格 forced quotation

期货对冲交易 offsetting future transactions

期货合同 forward contract

期货交易 deal in futures; futures business/trading; forward business

骑警 horseback police

棋迷 chess fan

期末存货 closing stock

旗袍 cheong-sam; Chi-pao

起跑器 block

欺上瞒下 deceive one’s superiors and subordinates

欺上瞒下 conceal from higher authority and deceive lower authority

歧视性的限制 discriminatory restrictions

契税 deed tax

期望寿命 life expectancy

期望值 level of expectation

气象卫星 meteorological satellite

企业产权 property rights of enterprises

企业重组 reshuffle of the enterprises

企业的自我约束机制 self-regulating mechanism of enterprises

企业孵化器 enterprise incubator

企业改制 restructuring of enterprise

企业集团 enterprise group

企业兼并重组 annexation and reorganization of enterprises

企业年金 supplementary pension

企业凝聚力 cohesive force in enterprise

企业上市 listing of a company

企业文化 corporate culture

企业下放 place an enterprise under a lower level of administration

企业效益 performance of enterprises

企业形象 corporate image(CI)/ enterprise image

企业圆桌会议 Business Round Table

企业转制 transformation of enterprise

启用 promote somebody to a position of leadership

旗帜鲜明 clear-cut stand

洽谈会 fair, meeting

钱袋子 fund sources

潜亏 hidden loss

千里之行始于足下 a thousand-li journey begins with the first step–the highest eminence is to be gained step by step

千年问题、千年虫 millennium bug

前怕狼,后怕虎 fear the wolf in front and the tiger behind/ hesitate in doing something

前人栽树,后人乘凉 One generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests./ One sows and another reaps.

前事不忘,后事之师 Past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future.

欠收(农业) crop failure

牵头人 initiator

千禧婴儿 millennium infant; millennium baby

牵线搭桥 work as a go-between

前沿科学 front-line science

前沿性交叉性研究 pioneering and interdisciplinary research

潜意识 subconsciousness

签约仪式 signing ceremony

前瞻性 perspectiveness

欠发达地区 less developed areas

欠费 overdue (我的手机欠费了。My cellphone charge is overdue.)

抢得先机 take the preemptive opportunities

抢购 panic buying

抢红灯 run a red light

强化班 intensive training class

强力球(美国的全国性彩票) powerball

强龙难压地头蛇 Even a dragon (from the outside) finds it hard to control a snake in its old haunt – Powerful outsiders can hardly afford to neglect local bullies.

抢跑 “false start, beat the gun”

强强联手 win-win co-operation

强权外交 power diplomacy

枪手 1. gun shooter; 2. ghostwriter

抢滩 snatch market share

强硬路线 hard line

强硬派伊斯兰教徒 hard-line Islamist

强化银行资本充足率约束 strengthen capital requirements for banks

强化政府公共卫生管理职能 beef up the government’s role in public health administration

强制隔离 forced quarantine

侨胞 countrymen residing abroad

巧妇难为无米之炊 If you have no hand you can’t make a fist./ One can’t make bricks without straw.

桥商 overseas Chinese merchant or businessman

翘尾巴 be cocky; get stuck-up

侨务 affairs concerning nationals residing abroad

敲竹杠 fleece

汽车餐厅;“得来速” drive-thru

汽车护理用品 car-care products

切入点 point of penetration; breakthrough point

切身利益 vital interests

切菜板 chopping board

企划推广 marketing layout

旗舰店 flagship shop

钦差大臣 imperial envoy; imperial commissioner

勤工俭学 part-work and part-study system; work-study program; work for study

禽流感 bird flu

亲民党 People First Party

侵吞公款 embezzle public funds/ embezzlement of public funds

勤政廉政建设 keep government functionaries honest and industrious

清仓处理 clearance sale

清仓拍卖 rummage sale

清产核资 asset and capital verification

清场 clear out or clear up a gathering place

青春饭 professions for young persons only

氢弹 hydrogen bomb

情感消费 emotional consumption

情歌 love ballads

轻轨火车 light rail train

倾国倾城 Drop-dead gorgeous

情结 complex

清洁安全生产 clean and safe production

清洁能源 clean energy

清理“三角债” break up the debt chain

清明节 Pure Bright Festival; Tomb Sweeping Day

青年才俊 boy wonder

情商 emotion quotient (EQ)

青少年犯罪 juvenile deliquency

轻水反应堆 light water reactor( LWR)

清水衙门 work unit which has no outside income

清算/结算 clearing /settlement

清算公司 clearing corporation; liquidation company

清算银行 clearing bank

情同手足 be bound together like brothers and sisters

倾销 dump; dumping

轻型汽车 light-duty vehicle

情有独钟 show special preference (favor) to …

青藏高原 Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

清洁用品 cleaning supplies

情景喜剧 situation comedy; sitcom

情侣装 his-and -hers clothes

清正廉明 be honest and clean

七年之痒 seven years itch

企事业单位 enterprise and public institution

求大同,存小异 seek common ground on major question while reserving differences on minor ones

求实精神 matter-of -fact attitude

求职信 application letter

求同存异 seek common ground while putting aside differences

企业的承受能力 the sustainability of enterprises

企业分离办社会 relieving enterprises of their obligation to operate social programs

屈体 pike

去伪存真 get rid of the fake and retain the genuine

区位商业 location-based commerce

取消禁运 lifting of embargo

取信于民 attain the people’s trust

区域经济 regional economies

区域自治 regional autonomy

全方位、多层次、宽领域的对外开放格局 all-dimensional, multitiered and wide-ranging opening pattern

全方位外交 multi-faceted diplomacy

权贵资本主义(又译裙带资本主义或亲朋好友资本主义) crony capitalism

全国财政收入 total government revenue

全国防治非典指挥部 the National Headquarters on SARS Control

全国非典疫情监测网络直报系统 the national SARS control and reporting system

全国高等教育自学考试指导委员会 the China Council for Self-taught Higher Education Examinations

全国公共卫生体系 national public health system

全国人大代表 deputy to the National People’s Congress

全国人口普查 nationwide census

全国人民代表大会 National People’s Congress (NPC)

全国人民代表大会主席团 the NPC Presidium

全国人民代表大会常务委员会 the NPC Standing Committee

全国通信光缆骨干网 a key national network of communications optical cables

全国卫生城市 National Hygienic City

全国政协常委递补委员 by-elect members to the Standing Committee of the Ninth CPPCC National Committee

全景宽银幕电影 cinepanoramic

权力法案 Bill of Rights

权力下放 delegate power to the lower levels; shift of power to the grassroots

全力以赴 all-out efforts

全面推进党的建设的新的伟大工程 forge ahead with the new great project of Party building

全面建设小康社会 build a well-off society in an all-round way

全面禁止和彻底销毁核武器 complete prohibition and thorough destruction nuclear weapons

全面开花 (figurative)open up or develop all of the varios aspects

全面实施以德育为核心、以创新精神和实践能力为重点的素质教育 carry on the quality education centering on moral education and emphasizing creativity and practice

全面小康社会 a well-off society in an all-round way

全面战略伙伴关系 the comprehensive strategic partnership

全民健身计划纲要 outline of the nationwide body-building plan

全民健身运动 extensive mass fitness programs

全能冠军 all-around winner

全盘否定 totally repudiate

全球变暖 global warming

全球定位系统 global positioning system (GPS)

全球多边贸易体系 global system of multilateral trade

全球移动通信系统(全球通) global system for mobile communications (GSM)

全日工作单位 full-time job

券商 securities trader

权术 trickery in politics

全体会议 plenary meeting

全天候 24-hour (service)

全天候飞机 all-weatehr aircraft

拳头产品 competitive products; knock-out products; blockbuster

全托 full-time nursery

圈外人士 people out of the loop

全薪 full pay

权益回报率 returns on equity (ROE)

全优工程 all-round excellent project

劝诱消费 induced consumption

圈阅 read and circle

权责 rights and liabilities

全资企业 exclusively-invested enterprises

全程票价 full fare

全国经济普查 national economic census

全国青少年网络文明公约 National Internet Civilization Convention for Teenagers

权为民所用,情为民所系,利为民所谋 The government must function by the mandate of the people, empathize with the feelings of the people, and work for the well-being of the people.

全心全意为人民服务 serve the people wholeheartedly

区别对待,有保有压 the principle of taking different approaches to different situations and encouraging the growth of some sectors while discouraging the expansion of others

取缔非法收入 ban unlawful incomes; ban illegal earnings

缺斤少两 give less quantity to consumers

鹊桥会 match-making party

确认书 confirmation note

裙带风 nepotism; petticoat influence

裙带关系 networking through petticoat influence

裙带经济 crony economy

群言堂 allow everybody to air his view; let everyone have his say; speak one’s mind freely

群众路线 mass line

群众体育 amateur sports

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